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Isn't time to include MASSAGE as a ROUTINE in your health care?  


**  EACH MASSAGE session is INDIVIDUALIZED to meet YOUR needs! 

EACH THERAPEUTIC Massage Session can include all Clinical Massage: Myofascial / Neuromuscular Techniques, Swedish Massage, Medical Massage, Massage Cupping, Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Techniques and the use of unique Essential Oil Massage Blends as deemed appropriate for YOU!

Unique massage blends can be used in your special massage session.  Massage oils / gels have been created utilizing pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. There are various blends to choose from for your specific needs. Various essential oil blends are also diffused during your massage session. This provides additional benefits to your overall body session experience!

 An investment in your health, TODAY!


Therapeutic Massage Fee Schedule

 ** All prices/services listed are subject to sales tax

   (Subject to change without notice) 

Half Hour Massage: $35

One Hour Massage: $55

90 Minutes Massage: $85


Other Unique Bodywork Treatments:

Therapeutic FACIAL Cupping Massage: $45

   Therapeutic FACIAL Cupping Massage 

With Upper Body Massage: $65


AromaTouch Technique

Eight Essential Oils Utilized with Back Massage: $50

Eight Essential Oils Utilized with Full Body Massage: $75


Please refer to the "Special Massage Techniques" page for more details on these massage treatments.


Massage Package Special:

6 -  One Hour Massages: $300

* Savings of $30!  

Package Special & Gift Certificates: Non-Transferable / Non-Refundable 

Gift Certificates Are Available

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