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I have had daily issues with hot flashes for years. Recently, I started working with Carol and obtaining massages at lease once a month. Between the massage, techniques she utilizes, oils she blends with her massages and the cupping...I am so pleased to say my hot flashes have been greatly reduced!       Cathy W.   


"I am so glad I tried the massage cupping! Carol did her magic first and then started the cupping. It was such a great addition to the massage and it took care of my problem! I definitely want to do this again."    Mary Beth C.  


"I came in with pain when moving my arm that I was dealing with for over two weeks. Carol explained massage cupping and I was truly amazed at how much it helped. I could not believe that it completely took away my pain. I was able to move my arm with out pain when I got off the table!"  Sue M.


"Carol's nursing experience combined with her recent licensure in massage therapy qualifies Carol as an exceptional therapist in by book! She also has a great awareness for creating an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort!"

Carol S.


"I have had back and shoulder pain related to stress and sitting at a computer 8 + hours a day. I have been getting massages on a regular basis for a year. Have had areas that were in need of deep tissue massage. Carol is awesome!

Denise S.


" I came to Carol after life events had shifted my focus from my health to other's health and my body finally said, "ENOUGH". I chose to put together a team consisting of Carol, my chiropractor, my yoga instructor, as well as myself to address my health issues. After 4 months of this team approach, I can honestly say that I could not be more pleased. Every one involved worked together to maximize the best results through a blending of all of the disciplines. I have found Carol to be compassionate, conscientious, open to new ideas and a good team player. I appreciate her medical background that enables her to understand what was going on with my body. I am so glad that she said "yes" to my health challenge allowing me to be pain-free today."      

Kathy D.


  "Carol has given me massages concentrating on my neck and shoulders. They have really helped with the tightness and sore muscles. She is very professional and respects your privacy. I feel great afterwards."

Pat Lucius


"Carol is very professional. She asks questions of what type massage you want, if too hard or too soft while doing the massage, always concerned about comfort and protecting privacy. She does a tremendous job. I always feel refreshed and relaxed after a visit with her"

Pam Fritz


"I had problems with sciatic nerve going down my leg and with Carol's massage and suggestions my pain left. I can't recommend her enough for what she did for me. She is very professional and friendly." 

James Fritz


"I had the opportunity to have Carol do massage on me during her training and she is so professional and you think; "this can't be a student" because she is so good. I highly recommend her if you need a relaxing massage or a therapeutic massage."

Tiffany Fritz


"After my treatment I felt so relaxed and wonderful. Carol did a great job!"

Veronica Wilhelm

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